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Meditation Groups


We hold a once a week, donation based Celtic Mindfulness meditation group at Mindful Petaluma and every other Thursday at Foo Dog Yoga. See details below and on our events page

They are usually one hour in duration with a mixture of Celtic music and chanting, with guided meditation led by Francis O Connor who brings years of experience as a musician and as a meditation teacher. If you would like to see a similar meditation group in your area, please contact Francis by email at

Meditation Class


Celtic Mindfulness provide workshops that promote wellness, using a number of philosophies and practice that provide personal development and encourage team building. 

We provide tailored souloutins for businesses and groups that can be adapted to available locations across the Bay Area. Our unique approach and content is perfect for small, medium and large groups, encouraging and developing long term meditation practices. Contact Francis O Connor 


Celtic Mindfulness Concerts


Celtic Mindfulness offers concert productions  and performances that include Celtic music & chanting for medium to large audiences across California.

Celtic Mindfulness concerts are presented and produced by Francis O Connor, who brings over 40 years of musical performance  in Ireland and across the USA. He has appeared before small and large audiences. Please watch out for upcoming events that will appear on our events page

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